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Top grains. No pain.

Rice is one of the most popular ingredients around the world. From curry to risotto, paella to sushi, the versatility of rice makes it a mainstay in kitchens everywhere. But cooking it just right, especially getting it nice and fluffy, can be more challenging than it looks. That's where the Rice Cooker comes in. With a Russell Hobbs Rice Cooker, cooking rice is effortless. Just rinse your rice, add water, and let it do the work. No more guessing the perfect amount of water or watching the pot. You can focus on the rest of your meal while your rice cooker prepares perfect, fluffy rice every time.

Russell Hobbs rice cookers are designed for ease. They're perfect for classic white rice and aromatic jasmine, hearty brown rice, or even exotic black rice. With simple, easy-to-use settings, these rice makers adjust to your unique cooking needs, ensuring every dish has a perfectly cooked base.

These cookers aren't just for rice – they double up as steamers, too. With the Russell Hobbs Rice Cooker and Steamer, you can steam your veggies or fish right alongside your rice. This makes for a healthy and quick way to get dinner on the table.

No matter the size of your meal, there's a Russell Hobbs rice cooker for you. From the Medium Rice Cooker and Steamer to our Rice Cooker and Steamer, they match your lifestyle and your appetite. And when you're done cooking up a feast, cleanup is a breeze. The removable non-stick bowl and glass lid are dishwasher-safe, so you can wind down after your meal without the hassle of tough scrubbing.

Choose Russell Hobbs for a rice cooker and steamer that makes cooking rice as easy and enjoyable as eating it. Each model is easy to use, easy to clean, and easy to love, perfect for everyone from busy parents to busy professionals. 

Say goodbye to the guesswork and hello to effortlessly fluffy rice every time with a Russell Hobbs Rice Cooker. 

Why stop at rice? Our Food Steamers are ideal for any health-conscious cooks wanting to prepare a variety of dishes, from delicate steamed fish to vibrant, nutrient-packed vegetables.

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