Let there be toast

It's surprising how a simple slice of toast can bring a little warmth to our day, turning a hectic morning into a moment of simple pleasure and setting the tone for the day ahead — whether a busy workday or a slow Sunday morning.

Whether you fancy it topped with sunny eggs, classic jam, or simply plain, your Russell Hobbs Toaster ensures every slice celebrates simplicity at its tastiest.

Uncomplicated, but never dull. Because when it comes to toast, we believe you deserve more than just 'good enough'. Dive in, and let's find the toaster that fits your mornings.

2 and 4 Slice Toasters

Ideal for smaller, cosy kitchens or for those who toast solo, our 2 slice toasters pack all the punch of a full-sized toaster into a convenient, space-saving design. Meanwhile, larger households or those who love toast, will find our 4 slice toasters a perfect match, easily catering to various toasting preferences all at once.

Whatever size you choose, every Russell Hobbs toaster is engineered for convenience.

Clever Features

Have you ever been caught off guard by bread that's still frozen? No problem. The Frozen setting is a real lifesaver, transforming your bread from icy to nice and crispy in moments. And if you find your toast is ready before you are, just hit the Reheat setting to get it back to the perfect temperature without the risk of burning. What's more, you get to decide how toasted you want your bread with our Adjustable Browning Control, making sure it's either lightly done or beautifully golden, just the way you like it.

Cleanup and safety are just as convenient. Crumb trays keep your spaces neat, while the high lift function means no more burnt fingers trying to retrieve smaller slices and crumpets. 

And for the lovers of artisan breads - those indulgent, longer slices of sourdough or hearty homemade - you're catered for, too. Our long slot toasters welcome various bread types with ease while ensuring each slice is perfectly toasted down to the last bite.

Stylish Designs

In terms of design, we embrace diversity. Russell Hobbs toasters are crafted to make a statement in your kitchen. Choose from modern metallics, sleek contemporary styles, or vintage-inspired classics. For fans of stainless steel toasters, our range combines elegance with practicality, ensuring your toaster is as stylish as it is functional.

So, whether you're a toast purist, a bagel enthusiast, or somewhere in between, Russell Hobbs toasters offer something for every bread lover. Dive into our collection and find your perfect morning companion.

And for those who love a balanced look in their kitchen, our Russell Hobbs Kettle and Toaster Sets are the perfect example of coordinated design, bringing a sense of harmony to your space.

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